Ogrodysłowackiego.pl – a website for Dorbud, a construction company.


We’ve  built two website for Dorbud – estate company. Platforms were designed to ease the process of choosing the best apartment for purchase. During visiting the site one can see the whole subdivisionand and choose between all available buildings. Look at the photo below:


After choosing prefered building one can decide with flat he would like to buy. There are different filters that makes the process of choosing much easier and faster. One can choose between flat’s size (minimum and maximum value), amount of rooms, flat’s level. One can also choose the order by which flats will be listed:  lowest/highest price, maximum/minimum size, availability: (available/booked/saled).


Both buildings and flats visualisation are available.

See buildings visualization below:



After choosing a  prefered flat one can see it 2D and 3D model. There is also a possibility for a user to design the flat due to his or her needs. One can change colours and material of walls and foors. See a photo below:

Technologies used in projects:

WordPress, PHP, CSS, JS
Plugins: advanced custom fields, contact-form 7, popup builder

See it here:




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