About Us

You Will Love Our Team

We value fast communication (morning Skype calls), agile methodologies (SCRUM/ Kanban) and ongoing updates (daily / weekly commits / builds).

Our Mission: from idea to product and business execution

UX/UI Design of apps, websites or other platforms.

Send us your idea for your business – we’ll take care of the rest. First, we will propose User Stories that will help us design your online business or app, then we will draft Technical Documentation where you can have a glance at the Database Structure, API Components and so on. Then we will create a Lo-Fi UX flow, the final design will be visible through InVision / Marvelapp or other collaborative platforms in Hi-Fi UI.

Implementation of bespoke solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

We mostly use Python / Django in the back-end logic, as well as Amazon Web Services or Azure infrastructure along with Docker, Vagrant and auto-scaling services. For the front-end depending on the platform it could be C#, AngularJS, React/Redux, Swift, JAVA etc. The choose of technologies used will be consulted with you.

We don’t just produce code, we also help startups and companies in creating marketing, sales and funding strategies.

We’ve seen numerous startups and products fail despite having an excellent product (that we help you build). Financing, marketing strategy and sales are all important aspects of your business. We can also help you with that! From building PowerPoint Pitch Decks to evaluating your business model in Excel – just ask us and we’ll help. We also have important knowledge in VC-financing. Try us!


Any platform

Web, Mobile iOS/Android, Oculus, HTC Vive, iWatch and more.


Scalable and reliable

We don’t just build safe and bug-free software. Scalability is also important when your business is booming.


Tailored design services

We provide UX/UI designs, both in Lo-Fi (done during and after workshops) and Hi-Fi (coloured wireframes and clickable).


FREE Consultations

Need to speak with us about your idea? Let’s have a call!


Bespoke solutions

Need another Uber? AirBnB? We will write the entire platform from scratch.


Strategy advisory

You just put your money into the product, but what about marketing? sales? your first VC investment? Let us help you with that


Quality software development, based in Europe.


We’re not the cheapest. We know it. You can find better deals somewhere in Asia. But bear this in mind:

  • With cheap, low-quality software comes additional costs of future optimization, updates or complete restructure,
  • What we often observed from products written by our Asian competitors, is that they’re poorly designed, unfriendly for the user and have very low aesthetics. Design was born in Europe. It should stay that way,
  • Creativity and smart problem-solving is of paramount importance with limited budget and timeframe. It’s been proven that software developers from Europe, especially from Poland – are one of the most creative types. Problems that need days of development done elsewhere, sometimes is just a matter of a few hours under our hands.