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If you have ever tried to organize a big trip by yourself you know what a challenge it is. There is always an impression there are better options you could go for, well off conditions you could have been offered or more exciting places you could explore. There are two passionate travel adventurers who decided to save your time and thought of a way to assist you with any advice and information they have investigated. Therefore, in order to help you plan the best travel experience, Chad and Gary decided to create a platform which will allow you to save time and make sure your expectations will be fully met.


As soon as you log in, you become a LEEPGuru member. From now on, you can contact the sport & travel experts who are going to make sure you won’t miss any travel opportunity and will be happy to assist you with any inquiry you might need, according to what adventure you are looking for.  You type the activity and the destination you are interested in. The system will search Gurus available for you as well as the service they offer along with the price. So simple!


The implementation of the project

When the visions and plans of the founders were turning into reality, this is where Risen made a move and an excellent coding was done. Backend has been developed based on Django and Django Rest Framework. Our experienced developers agreed on choosing React.JS for building user interface. As a matter of form was being implemented based on technology stack. Infrastructure and servers have been delivered by AWS Cloud providing a broad set of services, such as computing power, storage options, networking and databases, conveyed as an utility: on-demand, available in seconds. In terms of repository management, GitLab’s built-in Continuous Integration and independent CI Runners allows developers to integrate very specific environments. Risen’s team of passionate programmers makes sure to consistently progress the implementation tasks and brings it to perfection.

How does it work?

One of the biggest advantages of LEEPGuru.com service is simplicity. You can easily sign up providing not more than your name, e-mail and password.


No need to fill in loads of fields. You can also sign up with Google then one account can be all you need. Hence, you can switch between devices and pick up wherever you left off.


With much respect of your time we are looking forward to getting to know you better in the following search process, where you tell us about your dream adventures and that’s what LEEPGuru is all about. As soon as you log in you can enjoy and explore all offered possibilities. You can search for Gurus who, according to your needs and expectations, are meant to help you make your travel experience unforgettable. Fortunately, LEEPGuru offers a variety of ideas for those who have not yet decided which destination to choose or would like to simply try something new.  The platform provides its users with a possibility of seeking adventures by activity, geography, or both. It also enables research by language.


How to contact a Guru ?

Since an expert is found it’s time to build a perfect itinerary by talking to or texting a Guru. Another option is to have a Guru build the perfect itinerary for you or even become part of it, accompanying and guiding you during your travel. Each Guru’s profile contains all the information you might need including geographic regions and areas of expertise, languages, rate, self – presentation, rating etc. You can share any profile with friends through social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube or many others. You have access to his or her availability calendar and you are offered several services with pricing. You can order up to 100 services of each. While surfing LEEPGuru you can see loads of pictures, videos and tours they composed. They are easily found on Guru’s profiles to let you know them better and make sure their service will fully satisfy your needs.


Becoming a Guru

If you are passionate about travelling, sport, meeting people and you would like to share your knowledge about any area you are adept at you can go ahead and sign up as a Guru. To apply, you should click on the bottom and fill in the form. Ever thought it is that easy to spread your passion around the world and earn money through it?



Why LEEPGuru?

After all, the passion for travel and unique adventures is what drives the whole community. Chad and Gary believed that travelling is more fun and awesome when you get to do what you want, when you want to do it or even if you don’t know what exactly you want, Risen developed this platform to gather all these people and let them reach the community where their dream travel will be easier and more fun than it has ever been. Shared experiences are amplified!


Benefits and value

As new technology forges ahead and people nowadays are in need of tools which could help them save time and fully enjoy their leisure activities, we made LEEPGuru a user-friendly interface, easy and straight-forward tool accessible to everyone.  Keeping this in mind, Risen’s team made a clean and functional layout easy to load, navigate and use on different devices. Professionalism, worldwide outreach and a variety of languages and personalities give you a matchless opportunity to live your life’s adventure and plan it from any place around the world. Best tools, servers and infrastructure completed the founders’ idea about the highest quality and accessibility. Aimed to provide excellent adventures, LEEPGuru’s mission is to be a source of reliable and honest sport and travel service for its users by empowering them with a transparent booking engine and excellent support. It is now finally easier than you think, sign up for free, log in and live you first LEEPGuru’s adventure!

If you have any questions feel free to send us an e-mail: info@risendot.com.

We wish you lots of amazing experiences!


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