Buuki – an online platform dedicated for readers and bookshop owners


Buuki is our new project. It’s a web application we’ve built from scratch.

It’s dedictated for readers who can easily find any title they need via platform. All books are categorised by subjects such as thriller, criminal or adventure. One can also determine preferable price range. After finding s desirable title, the book can be easily ordered online. A customer can choose a delivery option. There is also an opportunity to look for a book availability in nearby bookstores.



The platform is also dedicated for bookshop owners who can open an online shop, sell via website and update their inventory. For sellers there are statistics concerning bookshop visits and most popular titles. The shop can also be managed via mobile app.


We used following technologies:

For front-end:
1. React
2. Apollo
3. Next.js
For Backend
1. GraphQL
2. Node.js
3. PostgresQL
4. Elasticsearch

Visit it here:


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