Cabiomede is a company who realizes a broad range of demanding projects in medical engineering, with emphasis on implantable devices, surgical equipment, and rehabilitation devices. They use advanced simulations and results verification to provide reliable solutions for creating better products. They make sure to match market needs and overcome the challenges that health companies face every day. Cabiomede are a team of technology specialists who decided to outsource to Risen for cost and time optimization. They use advanced software for simulating real-life situations in a wide range of physical activities. Using Cabiomede, medical, rehabilitation, or sport devices can be simulated in conditions reflecting real biomechanics and physical properties of a specific user and his or her environment. We’ve worked hard to build the online platform for Cabiomede. The website has a beautiful and functional design. Now, it’s easy to place orders online in minutes. The web platform was designed to guarantee full confidentiality to customers; as is customary with medical matters, an NDA contract was signed at the beginning of our cooperation with Cabiomede. We also made an explainer video for Cabiomede. This animation was designed to be an intuitive way to present our client’s services to clients. Check out their computer simulations of artificial limbs, bones and various other medical processes: