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Mobile-VR app


The owner of Dekoral brand in Poland has approached us to make a mobile app that could add value to their brand. It should stand out technologically and use latest trends in VR. We came up with the solution that was both robust and technically-advanced. Meet the PPG VR app.

Just like Foursquare


The Client wanted to build a Web / Mobile service that would allow customers to search nearby places and events. The stack included Python/Django, ElasticSearch, Azure, React framework. We're proud to finish the project with the highest code quality, Continuous Integration and extensive use of SCRUM/Kanban methods.

AI-enabled recruiter


Sheenu and Omid from the UK approached us to make a machine-learning based Mobile App and Web solution to let recruiters hire more efficiently using Artificial Intelligence. We helped them bring the product from idea to a finished Web/Mobile product.

Web 3D for real estate


One of the largest Polish Real Estate developers has approached us to find an unique solution to their website. Something that can make them stand out. We provided 3D floor plans for every of their apartment in a new investment. The clients could easily organize their future homes with 3D furniture, walls etc.

Uber for delivery


The marketplace for local deliveries - the app allows users to register as couriers and deliver local packages. An user can register as a courier and get payments through the platform. Customers can search locally for independent couriers and order them to do shopping or deliver packages.

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