Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where we answer most common questions about our services. If you have any enquiries please drop us an e-mail on

What’s your return policy?

If the software breaks or has bugs - we will fix that. Other than that, once we finish features or tasks that has been predefined in documentation or enquiry, we don't provide money return. Sometimes for larger projects, we also ask for 20% deposit of the total amount, which is also non-refundable. We do provide, however, free-of-charge mockups of your software - in the form of clickable InVision / Marvelapp

What types of payment do you accept and in what currency?

We accept payments in USD, PLN, EUR and GBP. Forms of payment:

  • PayPal,
  • Bank transfer,
  • Cash

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365: by Slack, e-mail or by telephone.

Do you charge upfront fee / deposit?

For projects that are less than $1000 or for consecutive projects (with clients that we have already built relationships), we do not collect deposits. For larger and new projects, we require 20% upfront payment. We also require signed agreements before we start any works.

If I schedule a consultation about my idea, will it be charged?

No! Skype consultations about your idea and scope of project are not charged - they're totally FREE! What to expect from those talks?

  • We usually provide an idea of how different ideas can be transferred into tangible technologies,
  • We consult with you choice of platforms,
  • We can give a rough estimate of how long the project will take and how many developers / designers should be involved in the process
  • If you're not sure what to include in your MVP, we also help with that, provide you a roadmap of how the software should be developed,
  • Business model is vital part the project, we consult what's the most beneficial for your business as a whole

Do you provide any documentation for the software?

We do provide a few ways of documenting what we do:

  • Before the project starts, we outline technical specifications of the software we would produce,
  • During the development phase, we do inline comments directly in the code,
  • After project delivery, we provide training and user manual on how to use the software

What's your per hour pricing?

We can price projects based on set of features or the rough idea of how the software would work, but in our experience, the best way to work with clients is on per hour basis. We provide different pricing based on developers' or designers' experience:

  • Junior Developer - $25 / working hour,
  • Middle-level Developer - $30 / working hour,
  • Senior Developer - $45 / working hour,
  • Junior / Mid-level Designer - $20/ working hour,
  • Senior Designer - $35 / working hour

We charge on per-hour basis for 2-week sprints based on reporting software (we use Toggl) - for every invoice we will attach system report for how many hours were spent on writing your software. Pricing will include VAT if necessary.

Can I come to your office from time to time?

Yes, for demo-days, workshops and management meetings. Sitting and staring at developer's screen all day is definitely out of question.

Is bug-fixing included in the "per hour" work?

Bug-fixing is part of development routine. There will be always parts of software which will require updating, thus it's included in working hours.

Do you use any kind of ticketing services for software maintenance?

Yes, the ticketing service for bug reporting is opened after the project is delivered, when we will cordially ask you to list your bugs in our Zendesk subpage. Bug-fixing will be fixed based on priority set in ticketing service and severity. For fixed-price projects, the maintenance costs will be negotiated during signing the contract. For per-hour projects, the rates are standard.

Can I get into direct contact with the developers that will execute my software?

No - we value your inputs, but putting you directly in contact with the developer will do more harm than good to the timing and execution of software. Due to the software developer's nature of work, the hours spent on writing the software should not be interrupted. The cost of switching contexts and distractions are severe when constantly disrupted. For communications purposes you will have a dedicated Project Manager for your project, to which you can report any outstanding issues or enquiries.

Do you have any real-time communication tools?

Yes, we use Slack for communication - just ask us and you will be invited to a dedicated project channel.