Are you in a gaming mood today? LetMe is a web application that will help you find the game of your dreams. The app analyzes answers from 30+ questions to help you choose the best game according to your preferences. The questionnaire consists of questions about demographics, preferable themes, and release date.

There are also questions about preferred game mode: single, multiplayer, and many, many more! And the initial questionnaire shouldn’t even take longer than 7 minutes.
Some terms have a short description for amateurs. For example, do you know what “turn-based mode” means? Then, after filling all questions, the user is given a list of games based on your answers. Each game is listed with its corresponding percent match, average rating, and price.

After registration, users get access to major gamer communities where they can vote for games and articles, publish their own reviews and videos, or send private messages. We built the whole app from scratch, taking care of both the front-end and back-end. We implemented the following technologies in this project: – Django – Django Rest Framework – Facebook API – Twitter API – Steam API – G2A API – GOG API – Celery – React – MobX