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In nowaday’s world of automation and technology, it would be hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of online dating… what if it was that easy to connect to someone from your establishment up for diner or having a coffee in your spare time on a business trip? Polish innovators made sure extending business contacts chain and strengthening the existing ones is now easier than ever. Risen had the opportunity to make this innovative idea reality.

MESHR – a Polish debut project recently exhibited during the Web Summit in Lisbon, chosen Alpha Programme Exhibitor – was founded by Berenika Marciniec and Ignacy Bochiński. Berenika, Doctor of Economic Sciences, for 12 years – Expert of European Commision of Innovation, Innovative Policy, Technology Transfer and Support for small and medium-sized enterprises, an expert in creation and growth of science and technology parks. Ignacy – Partner of KERRIS Group and project’s investor. The inventors’ aim is to create an algorithm based on artificial intelligence coming up with the most suitable and interesting contacts. For corporative clients they are tending to integrate MESHR with the internal company’s software and therefore conceive a collective corporate account revealing more functionality.
The application is considered a perfect complement to LinkedIn since direct contacts still represent the core value in successful business building up the trust, establishing good relations, being delighted by the presence of interesting people and benefiting from meeting influential partners personally.

Implementation of the project

The knowledge and experience of Risen’s developers brought them to build the application on Kotlin and the libraries such as: RxJava, RxKotlin, Retrofit, Picasso, Google Play Billing Library and Firebase Cloud Messaging. For maps and places Google APIs have been used. The architecture pattern is VIPER based on Moviper library.

How does it work?

The App was designed to respond to busy individual entrepreneurs, administration and business circle representatives in need of a tool to fill up the spots in their schedule when travelling. The only requirement is an active account on LinkedIn. You can make an appointment with any person from your business establishment in just three steps.

A profile on MESHR contains all the key figures like profession, languages spoken, interests, country, most-liked kitchen facilitating matching the right contacts as well as avoiding discussing business over despised food, it is meant to be pleasant leisure time. Verifying an account and filling it with authentic data will create a reliable profile rid of any misunderstanding or inconvenience.


  1. Set your status

In order to find available MESHR LinkedIn contacts nearby you should provide time, your current location or the range of distance you are able to reach to get to a meeting about to be set up.

  1. ‘Find your peers’

The button “Find the peers” will show us LinkedIn users nearby, looking for company simultaneously. The application enables browsing and visiting profiles.

  1. Choose a place

Having made up your mind, it’s time to pick a place. You can suggest up to 3 differents restaurants/ meeting points and you are ready to go. Since your invitation has been accepted, MESHR gives you a variety of possibilities to text, call and inform your peer about the changes in case of any unpredicted circumstances. If your invitation gets rejected, keep surfing with MERSH and find another company.



If we don’t feel like glancing through profiles, setting the status ‚available’ would be an option. The button ‚MESHR ME’ shows your profile to other users around. Therefore, it’s us to be sent a hangout request notification.

Technological innovative platforms and apps are highly valued in nowadays business world. MESHR helps to fill in your spare time between meetings or when allotted time is too long. What if your flight is delayed or any other unpredicted circumstances occur. You are a few clicks away from extra profits, deals and new chances.

MESHR will be shortly available in Poland on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).




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