From idea to software execution

We do it all. We even build your sales and marketing strategies.



User-friendly design, UX/UI, A/B Testing

Based on your idea, we derive Lo-Fi mockups on which we will further collaborate and perfect into Hi-Fi mockups that will be ready to be interacted on InVision or Marvelapp. We do provide FREE Lo-Fi mockups and A/B testing for best conversion optimization.


Python, PHP, Ruby, Angular, React, any technology

We specialize in Python / Django but other languages are also part of our competencies. Need more unique programming languages (Scala, Erlang etc.)? Just ask!


Web, iOS/Android, Oculus, Vive, iWatch and more

Different platforms require different programming languages. It’s important that our team is always up-to-date with newest technologies, so you are sure will use latest versions, newest updates and innovative programming paradigms.

Pitch Decks, Business Models, product roadmap, strategy

Need to further improve your product or start selling your solution? We’re ready to help you with PowerPoint presentations, Excel business models and VC pitch decks.


Any software you want

We’re used to build bespoke solutions from scratch. Try us!


Agile Style

We run dailies and 2-week sprints (SCRUM). We collaborate with you on InVision / MarvelApp for designs. We do Continuous Integration and Deployment. Prefer BitBucket over GitHub, run on JIRA Atlassian and also use Trello for quick stuffs. The tools are there, we know how to use them and build tailored products.

Technologies we use