VetXpert – a website and application invented to take care of your pet



Our client is building a mobile application and platform that enable its users to contact which a veterinarian via a call centre. The product is dedicted to everyone who loves their pet and want to take great care of it. Application is based on a subscribtion payment. Each subscribent has possibility to contact with a specialists via online platform or mobile call. Specialists are available 24h/ 7 days a week. A platform enables easy photos and videos sharing  which speeds up a diagnosis process. If an expert recommends a veterinarian visit it can be booked instantly in the clinic near the user localization.

First step was building a website, from sctratch.  We gave our best to deliver good looking and easy in use interface. The website is bilingual.

We also prepared an explainer video. It shows key benefits of the product and explains how to use the application.

Take a look at some photos below:



See it here:


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