Digital Transformation & Consulting

Companies are now being challenged by not only existing competitors, but also from up-and-coming startups. Be prepared for the new era of digitization. Talk with us about how cutting-edge technology can help your company gain crucial advantages in labour efficiency, pricing, cost reduction, and sales growth.

Define Opportunities and Fast Prototype

Starting a company? Growing your enterprise? We will help you find uncharted territories where you and your company can grow, evolve, and dominate new or existing markets. We will identify the areas in which a digital product will be the most relevant and quickly start working on a prototype.

Develop with Agility

Identifying the problem and coming up with a solution will typically require 1-2 workshops that last a few hours. Once an agreement has been reached, we will start planning sprints in SCRUM and set up "demo days," where you and your team can have a look at how your product is being developed.

DevOps, Big Data, AI

Working with petabytes of data? Need to optimize your infrastructure with the latest technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Nifi, Kafka, or Machine Learning Algorithms? We're here to help you build the right tools to streamline your big data operations. Whatever the industry your company is working in, we can create bespoke solutions to further expand your product line or even develop something new from the ground up.

IT products with seamless UX and beautiful interface

Whether we're dealing with a client-facing application or creating in-house solutions, we believe aesthetics are the key to win over anyone. With our team of UX/UI experts that have created hundreds of apps in their careers combined, you can be sure your design aesthetics won't remind the users of the early 90's (not that it wasn't a colorful and fun era... but let's admit, web design wasn't the strongest part of those years.)

Quality Assurance

During and after the initial release of the app, we guarantee 24/7 support and 12 months of FREE maintenance. Yes, you read that right: any bug or any app downtime will be taken care of immediately.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Having built hundreds of web and mobile apps, we've seen what drives growth and what doesn't. We can help you achieve extraordinary sales with new state-of-the-art growth-hacking techniques. Building a great product is an achievement, but helping your company grow with that product is an entirely different story!

We partner with startups, companies, and brands to solve business problems with technology