We value fast communication (morning Skype calls), agile methodologies (SCRUM/ Kanban) and ongoing updates (daily / weekly commits / builds).

Any platform

Web, Mobile iOS/Android, Oculus, HTC Vive, iWatch and more

Scalable and reliable

We don’t just build safe and bug-free software. Scalability is also important when your business is booming.

Bespoke solutions

Need another Uber? AirBnB? We will write the entire platform from scratch.

Tailored Design Services

We provide UX/UI designs, both in Lo-Fi (done during and after workshops) and Hi-Fi (coloured wireframes and clickable)

FREE Consultations

We provide UX/UI designs, both in Lo-Fi (done during and after workshops) and Hi-Fi (coloured wireframes and clickable)

Strategy advisory

You just put your money into the product, but what about marketing? sales? your first VC investment? Let us help you with that

Quality software development, based in Europe.


We’re not the cheapest. We know it. You can find better deals somewhere in Asia. But bear this in mind:

• With cheap, low-quality software comes additional costs of future optimization, updates or complete restructuring!

• What we’ve often observed from products written by our Asian competitors is that they’re poorly designed. They’re often unfriendly for the user and have very low aesthetics. Design was born in Europe. Let’s keep that tradition going.

• Creativity and smart problem-solving is of paramount importance with a limited budget and timeframe. Software developers from Europe– especially from Poland– are some of the most creative and prolific in the industry. Problems that would take days of development elsewhere are only a matter of a few hours in our hands.


Aspirations elevated to reality. Risen.


Duke Vu

CEO & Business Lead

Piotr Nietrzebka

COO & Head of Mobile

Sebastian Opałczyński

CTO & Founder

Anna Sławińska

Senior Project Manager

Katarzyna Nadolska

Operations Manager

Sarah Kutz

Community Manager

Tomasz Kujawski

Lead UI / UX Designer

Daniel Prokopiuk

UX/UI Designer

Paulina Krempa

UX/UI Designer

Aleksandra Mikusek

Android Developer

Przemysław Rogalski

Android Developer

Mateusz Mirkowski

iOS Developer

Przemysław Szlęk

iOS Developer

Oskar Orzełowski

Lead Front-End Developer

Tomasz Mularczyk

Front-End Developer

Żaneta Górska

Front-End Developer

Adrian Podsiadły

Front-End Developer

Dariusz Ścibior

Front-End Developer

Krzysztof Kolacz

Front-End Developer

Tomasz Ratowski

Senior Back-End Developer

Pawel Kubit

Big Data Developer

Marcin Koprek

Back-End Developer

Sebastian Wierzchowski

Back-End Developer

Łukasz Wojno

DevOps / Back-End Developer

Marcin Suwala

Back-End Developer

Kacper Wierzbicki

Back-End Developer

Michał Murawski

Back-End Developer

Mateusz Legięcki

Back-End Developer

Łukasz Stępnicki

Back-End Developer

Łukasz Sekuła

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