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It is friday night. Movie night! But what to watch, what to watch, what to watch? The opportunities are endless: it’s daunting to choose just one movie to try! The sheer numbers in cinema are incredible. On top of that, you’ve got your own individual tasteyou’d be hard-pressed to pick the perfect one to watch from a list. The same goes for your friends, your family, everyone you know. Everyone has a favorite genre, actor, or director. It’s only natural, then, that the technology of today should be applied to maximize your ability to find and share great movies according to what you prefer. It’s in pursuit of this goal that Risen has developed the Filmbo app. Passionate film buffs beware! Filmbo will provide you with access to thousands of suggestions and a great way to share them. You’ll instantly like this app and you’ll want to browse it thoroughly.


To each his own! Everyone is exquisitely uniquedown to your DNA. In much the same way, each of us has our own cinematic taste profile. Your individuality is beautiful expression of your taste. Only you can know what movie will hit the spot any given night. Filmbo hopes to reflect that individuality in a constructive way: creating your “film DNA.” Think of it as your movie genes! Why shouldn’t the process of finding a movie be as personalized as possible? You could spend hours perusing databases like IMDB, scrolling through Netflix, or texting everyone you know for recommendations. Or, you could just log into Filmbo and have thousands of really great options at your fingertips. Our algorithm does the legwork for you and generates your unique cinematic fingerprint!

The technology behind the magic

Using the Filmbo app is a smooth experience. It may seem effortless, but that’s the beauty of the code Risen’s team has written. What had to be done to get Filmbo to function seamlessly? For starters, our coders wrote thousands of lines of code. The backend of the Filmbo app was developed based on Django and Django Rest Framework. Our developers picked React.JS for the user interface, or “front end.” Access to over 200,000 titles from a host of databases makes thousands of movie titles available in seconds! As avid moviegoers themselves, the Risen team is truly proud of their work on this project. It’s regularly kept up-to-date through methodical monitoring and updating.

How do I use Filmbo?

Using Filmbo is as easy.  After you download the app, logging in to Filmbo is seamless. We’ve designed this app to work in tandem with Facebook! Simply log in using an existing Facebook profile. To get started, rate your first 10 movies to initiate our state-of-the-art recommendation algorithm. Then watch Filmbo work its magic! How it works is simple: this gives the app something to work with. Rating a few movies right off the bat helps our algorithm to match users with movies they might like later on. All of this information is compiled into creating your Film DNA. For example, if you rate a few drama movies with five stars, you can bet that Filmbo will offer you more drama suggestions! Brad Pitt superfan? Filmbo can even tailor your recommendations by actor, director, and more! After you’ve gotten logged in with your Facebook account and rated a few movies, check out the “Build DNA” icon. This is where all the information described above is compiled into a personalized profile of your film preferences.

What can I do with Filmbo?

We’ve researched how to make this app as user-friendly and immediately helpful as possible. Upon opening Filmbo, you’ll see film suggestions grouped for you in the main view of the app. These groups are the backbone of Filmbo — tap one, and you can quickly tap a linked or related group, and explore your movie-watching possibilities! Filmbo’s database contains thousands of movies: it has every film made since 1900. Impressive, right? Searching is as customizable as the rest of Filmbo: choose to filter your search results with parameters such as genre, release date, or a specific actor.

The app also has classic browsing capability. You can freely rifle through the plethora of titles Filmbo has to offer! So, poke around a bit, find your favorite movie, give it a few stars, and add it instantly to your watchlist. When you select a movie, you’ll have its details, a brief description, and the percent match as predicted by our algorithm at your fingertips.

During login process the app asks users for access to their Facebook contact book. Why? Welcome to another great feature of Filmbo! If any of your Facebook contacts have the app already installed they’ll be added your “matched users” table! This is the network part of Filmbo: from this table, you can follow them, and they can follow you. Each time a connection is made, it strengthens the network and gives more information to the recommendation algorithm.

Sometimes a movie is just too good to keep to yourself. There’s an app for that! The networking aspect of Filmbo is cutting edge, because you can directly recommend a movie to your friends all within in the app. No longer must you clog everyone’s Facebook feed with Youtube links to previews! For example, let’s imagine you just watched ‘Moonlight’ in the movie theater and cried your eyes out. Now, you can quickly find this title on Filmbo, give it 5 stars, add a couple of words, and suggest it to your best friend. When your friend next checks their phone, they’ll have a new notification: “Richard’s just watched ‘Moonlight,’ given it 5 stars, and commented: “Totally worth seeing. Complete tear-jerker!”

Why Filmbo?

There’s nothing quite like watching a great movie. For over a century the cinema has been a beacon of hope and entertainment for people around the globe. It’s and incredibly immersive and inclusive medium and it has a knowledge community that reflects this quality. Cinephiles are known for their obsessive knowledge of film. Passion like this is what drives the Filmbo app. We want to reflect the highly-tailored recommendations any movie buff could provide for you. We believe that anything that helps get the word out about great movies is a good thing. Advice from Filmbo can help in this effort. We want to help gather all filmsfrom Disney classics to hidden Czech New Wave gemsinto a searchable network where you can get the most out of your movie night.

Benefits and value

As new technology forges ahead, you have new opportunities every day to enjoy fast and reliable access to the kinds of things that interest you. Enjoying life is important! Why not apply the efficiency of computer algorithms to your leisure activities? We built Filmbo to have an extremely user-friendly interface that’s accessible for everyone and totally straightforward. The Risen team made a clean, functional app layout that’s super easy to load, navigate, and use on different devices. You can explore the world of film from any place around the world! We’ve worked hard to gather a huge database to be available to you at the touch of a button. The Risen team has, simply put, designed this app to uphold the highest standards of quality. The function of Filmbo is to be an extensive resource of all things cinema organized in the most user-relevant way. Filmbo empowers you by providing a deep well of recommendations. It helps you navigate the massive body of work that is cinema today! Feel like watching something? Sign in and take a look around!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

You’ve got work to do! Start browsing, viewing, rating, and sharing!