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We’ve all spent plenty of time searching and searching to find that perfect something within your area. Spending hours rifling through Google results that aren’t fine-tuned to your location and preferences is no fun. Such large databases just aren’t able to tailor results efficiently. Wouldn’t it be great to have info on what’s nearby that incorporates the intimacy and reliability of a social network? Well, that’s where Kołomnie really shines. Kołomnie is a localized search-and-discovery service website and mobile application. This app is specifically crafted to find what you want in your neighborhood. That’s why it’s called “koło mnie,” polish for “near me”!


It’s as easy as ever to start searching using Kołomnie! You don’t even need to sign inanyone can instantly look for interesting places, events, and services nearby. Hungry for sushi in downtown Warsaw?  Simply type in your location, enter “sushi,” and hit search! Kołomnie instantly searches for the product, service, or place you’re trying to find. The app then presents them to you along with their rating, hours, and address. So simple!

Implementation of the project

Risen worked hard to craft the Kołomnie website and the iOs and Android mobile applications using Python and Django. With the use of ElasticSeach, the team was able to make the searching features extremely nuanced and personalized. All of the “back-end” infrastructure was based on Azure framework. For the “front-end” user interface, our experienced developers agreed on choosing React.JS. The project has high-code quality and was finished with impressive speed. All of the architecture has been technically documented, as well. The quality management system for producing Kołomnie included SCRUM and Kanban methods. To turn the visions and plans of the app creators into reality, some truly great coding had to be done. Risen’s creative team of programmers is constantly updating and perfected the Kołomnie website and apps.

How does it work?

Kołomnie is great because it is wonderfully simple. It’s set up to connect you with what you want as efficiently as possible. After you’ve made your query, choose to view results in list form, or on an interactive map!

Anyone can use Kołomnie, but it gets even better with a personalized touch. If you want to do things like save your preferences and location or bookmark results, sign in! If you have a Facebook profile, it’s as easy as ever to make an account on Kołomnie. Just click “Login with Facebook”no need to fill in tons of information. You only need one account! Easily switch between devices and pick up wherever you left off.

Your time is valuable. The app’s efficient search algorithms use data from Facebook to hook you up with what you’re searching for. Find what you need without wasting any more of your time searching. Just browsing? Kołomnie has its locations organized into 10 browsable categories. Choose restaurants, spas, cafes, nightclubs… and start searching! Kołomnie also can optionally display places near you which have sales, limited-time-only deals, and bonus offers.

Why Kolomnie

Kołomnie is local. In the modern age, search-and-discovery services surround us, but rarely are designed with enough care to ensure a personalized experience with every query. What makes Kołomnie an exceptional mobile application is its direct integration with FacebookKołomnie draws the ratings, comments, and announcements from every establishment’s Facebook page and complies them for your perusal. Your local cafe will be opening an hour later than planned? Kołomnie has you covered, so you don’t wait outside of the doors all morningdirect integration with Facebook means up-to-date news from facility owners. Out in the rain and looking for something a little less damp to do? Kołomnie can provide personalized recommendations of places and events to go to near your current location.

Benefits and value

With each new innovation in modern technology, people are able to benefit more and more with time-saving tools. Kołomnie is a great example of this process. It’s user-friendly, efficient, and crafted with the user in mind. It’s straightforward and no-nonsense. The app layout is clean, easily navigable, and compatible for use on a range of devices. The best tools, servers, and infrastructure were used to actualize the founders’ ideas. The Risen team strove to deliver only the highest standards of quality and accessibility with this app. It is a well of localized information at your fingertips. This great resource has already seen quite a bit of successaccording to Google Play store data, the Android version was downloaded (…) times and the iOS version (…) in Poland. Once you use it, it’s easy to have reliable and honest information about the products and services in your neighborhood. Download the app, search for free, sign up, and get what you want when you want it!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

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