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If you have ever tried to organize a big trip by yourself you know what a challenge it is. You never really know if you’ve researched the best options, or if there are even more exciting places out there for you to explore. Luckily for you, two passionate travel adventurers from the US thought of a way to help save your time by bringing you advice and info that they’ve already investigated! Meet Chad and Gary: the two innovators who decided to create a platform to help you plan the best travel experience LEEPGuru. This app will surely allow you to save time and exceed your expectations.


As soon as you login, you become a LEEPGuru member. Starting then, you can contact a range of sport & travel experts, who’ll make sure you won’t miss any travel opportunity. They’ll be happy to assist you with any inquiry you may have, according to what kind of adventure you’re looking for!  Simply type in the activity and destination you’re interested in. LEEPGuru instantly searches for Gurus available that match your request, and presents them to you along with the services and prices they offer. So simple!

Implementation of the project

Risen worked hard to craft the Kołomnie website and the iOs and Android mobile applications using Python and Django. With the use of ElasticSeach, the team was able to make the searching features extremely nuanced and personalized. All of the “back-end” infrastructure was based on Azure framework. For the “front-end” user interface, our experienced developers agreed on choosing React.JS. The project has high-code quality and was finished with impressive speed. All of the architecture has been technically documented, as well. The quality management system for producing Kołomnie included SCRUM and Kanban methods. To turn the visions and plans of the app creators into reality, some truly great coding had to be done. Risen’s creative team of programmers is constantly updating and perfected the Kołomnie website and apps.

How does it work?

One of the biggest advantages of LEEPGuru’s service is its simplicity. You can easily sign up simply providing your name, e-mail, and a password.

No need to fill in tons of information! You can also sign up with Google or Twitter. Only one account needed! Easily switch between devices and pick up wherever you left off.

We know your time is valuable. With the LEEPGuru app’s efficient search process, we aim to get to know you and your dream adventures better without wasting your time. Your perfect adventure is what LEEPGuru was made for! As soon as you login, you can enjoy and explore all of the possibilities LEEPGuru has to offer. Here you’ll find Gurus who’ll help you make your travel experience unforgettable.

Not sure what you want to do? Fortunately, LEEPGuru offers a variety of ideas for those who haven’t yet decided on a destination, or who’d simply like to try something new. Choose to search for adventures filtering by activity, geography, or both! You can also search in any language.

How do you contact a Guru?

When you find the Guru with the right expertise for you, it’s time to build a perfect itinerary just call or text your Guru from the app, and get some great advice! You can also let your Guru build the perfect itinerary for you, or even become part of it by accompanying and guiding you during your travel. Each Guru’s profile contains all the information you might need, including geographic region, area of expertise, language,  personal description, and ratings. Easily share Guru profiles with friends through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Telegram, WhatsApp, or YouTube. You’ll have access your Guru’s calendar of availability in the app. Pricing for services is clearly displayed here as well. When you surf the LEEPGuru app, you can see plenty of pictures, videos and tours from the Gurus. They are easily accessible on each Guru’s profile, so you can get to know them better and feel confident that their services will fully satisfy your needs.

Becoming a Guru

Are you passionate about travelling, sports, and meeting people? Would you like to share your knowledge? Sign up as a Guru! To apply, just click the “Be a Guru” button and fill in your information. Who would’ve thought it was as easy as that to spread your passion around the world and earn money in the meantime!

Why LEEPGuru

Passion for travel and unique adventures is what drives the entire LEEPGuru community. Chad and Gary believe that travelling is always more fun with help. Expert advice is key to getting to do precisely what you want! Risen developed this platform to gather all adventurersfrom travel novices to weathered journeyersinto a community where their travel dreams can be made more possible. Planning a trip is now more fun than it’s ever been!

Benefits and value

As new technology forges ahead, and people need time-saving tools more than ever to fully enjoy their leisure activities. We built LEEPGuru an extremely user-friendly interface that’s straightforward and accessible for everyone. The Risen team made a clean, functional layout that is easy to load, navigate, and use on different devices. The professional feel of this app along with its compatibility with a variety of languages gives you an unmatched opportunity to realize your wildest adventure dreams. Now you can plan them from any place around the world! The best tools, servers, and infrastructure were used to actualize the founders’ ideas. The Risen team has designed this app to uphold the highest standards of quality and accessibility. LEEPGuru’s mission is to be a source of reliable and honest sports and travel services for its users by empowering them with a transparent booking engine and excellent support. It is now quite simple to have an excellent adventure. Sign up for free, and live out your first LEEPGuru adventure!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Get out there and experience something amazing!

Website: leepguru.com