A gamification app making sales targets easy as a piece of chocolate.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? E. Wedel is the biggest and most-recognized chocolate brand in Poland. For over 160 years, E. Wedel has been spreading joy and pleasure through its top quality chocolate, candy, cookies, and other sweets. This company has seen incredible success in Poland and in Europe as a whole. The franchise employs a huge amount of people, and is exported globally to 25 countries! To help manage all of these sweet people that work to bring sweetness to others, Risen has made an app for E. Wedel employees. Using the E. Wedel website, Risen have crafted and animated mobile applications for both iOS and Android. This app will provide E. Wedel sales representatives with an intuitive motivation system. It increases employee commitment and improves sales records — that means more candy sold to the world!

Wedel representatives use their employment credentials to login to this app effortlessly. After that, they have access to a whole new world of Wedel! This app incentivizes selling E. Wedel products in creative and innovative way. It works on a simple principle: users earn points for sales. These points then become part of a competitive virtual economyin essence, selling candy becomes a game! Sales representatives can use these points to “buy” virtual property and build their own world, à la SimCity. Working for E. Wedel just got even more fun!

Implementation of the project

Risen is now the main mobile solutions provider for E. Wedel. Turning this company’s dream into a working app took a lot of work. But coding for chocolate is worth it! The backend of the app was developed based on Django framework. The impressive user interface for this app was all designed and animated in-house, too! The passion of the programmers at Risen definitely shines through in this shining example of interactive elegance. Risen engineers are working to perfect and update this app on a continual basis!

How does it work?

A hallmark of any successful employee-oriented mobile application is its usability. The E. Wedel sales representative app exemplifies that. Workers can easily sign up using the credentials they already have from working at E. Wedel. There’s no need here to waste time filling in personal information.

Benefits and value

We live in a rapidly digitizing-world. E. Wedel has taken advantage of the way technology can trigger the brain’s reward system in order to motivate its workers to sell their products. The bright, user-friendly interface lets employees turn their job into a game! The beautifully-designed layout also boasts wonderful functionality to back it upit is easy to load, navigate, and use on-the-go. Risen used only the best tools, servers, and infrastructure to develop this application. E. Wedel has been a beacon of joy and pleasure for over 160 years. Why shouldn’t they continue to do so in the age of technology?  With Risen’s help, E. Wedel will keep on bringing happiness to all those who have a sweet tooth.

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Work and play can be one and the same!