Idea Execution & Launching Strategy

We will help you execute your MVP or full-scale Web / Mobile app. We've launcare hed multiple products already. We know a thing or two about product-market fit. Products not just about their technological capability; they also have to have the ability to predict and solve the needs and wants of your future customers.

Forming your Idea - Business Model Canvas and Mind Map

Starting a company? Let's do it together starting with a 1-day workshop in our office. We will start with Business Model Canvas to begin to identify real customer needs and to develop a launching strategy. Once we have that done, we'll map out user stories to form the journey that users of future product will experience. At the end of the meeting, you and the Risen. team will have clear picture of how we should start developing your startup.

UX wireframes and UI graphics

Now that we have both user stories and a user journey mapped out, we will put them into our Project Management software. Then, we'll start running sprints (2-week coding periods). But before we go deep into actually developing the codebase, we need to know how the product will look. Typically in the first 1-2 sprints we will have a draft of the look & feel of your app.

Full Sail Ahead with Coding!

The user stories and user interface are ready—now it's time to start the programming phase! Depending on your app, the front-end and back-end will be developed either simultaneously or consecutively. We will run 2-week sprints ending with "demo-days," where we will show you our progress. Don't worry! You will also get daily updates.

Documentation & Infrastructure / DevOps

Before launching a product, we need to make sure that it will be scalable. In order to do that, we need some solid foundation in terms of project documentation. This brings us to the next step: developing a proper continuous integration or continuous deployment scheme. We also will work to provide the necessary testing coverage—more than 80% of back-end and front-end code will be covered.


Your product is now ready! But you know that's not the end, right? Once you launch, the Risen. team is still here. We can help you with the further development of your products! A software product is a living organism; it needs to adapt to customer needs. You'll also benefit greatly from a helping hand when it comes to a launching or marketing strategy-- and we can do that, too!

Ongoing Development & Scale Up

Your product has been on the market for a while and your customers have given you plenty of feedback. This feedback loop needs to be as fast as possible—and only with a rapid-development team like us can you test your product and respond with iterations quickly. Once you achieve the perfect product-market fit and get beyond the early-adopters, it's time to Scale Up! With our unique DevOps infrastructure and Big Data capabilities, growing will surely be painless.

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