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Live. Experience. Explore. Play.

LeepGuru Founders Chad and Gary dreamed of building an worldwide online platform to bring people together through their love of travel. Thus an idea was born: LEEPGuru. This idea is based on an exchange of the knowledge: the website would strive to form connections between experienced, passionate adventurers (“gurus”) and those seeking an unique experience.

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Risen developed the LEEPGuru platform to help people find, plan, and execute amazing extreme adventure experiences by connecting travelers with gurus and providing them with the possibility to search for personalized travel plans. This service is easy to use; it allows payment by Paypal.

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Risen's software house crafted LeepGuru with Python/Django, Rest Framework, React Framework and Agile bespoke solution. LEEPGuru’s Founders are planning to invest in an Android/ iOS mobile applications

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Mobile app matching people with movie recommendations

Filmbo wanted to deliver an application connected to their movie database. It aims to provide users with a selection of movies they are likely to enjoy based on their personal taste. The goal is to make the process of matching movies to people reliably accurate. To achieve this, it uses information from the individual's watch history, ratings, and the movie preferences of their friends.

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Risen authored a state-of-the-art recommendation algorithm and compiled a movie database. This application is integrated with Facebook platform directly. There is also a social networking aspect to this app; Filmbo strives to build a community space for film buffs to share and recommend movies.

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Risen's software house crafted Filmbo with Django, Rest Framework, PostGres, pySpark, Celery, AWS and Agile bespoke solution. The founders of Filmbo are also planning to invest in an Android mobile application.

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Find interesting places and events nearby.

Searching to for businesses, services, and events that are specific to an area can take hours of rifling through Google results that aren’t fine-tuned to location and preference. Since these large databases are not able to tailor results efficiently, the creators of Kołomnie decided to make a website that provides information on what’s nearby that incorporates the intimacy and reliability of a social network.

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Kołomnie is a local search-and-discovery service mobile application which provides search results for its user. The app provides personalized recommendations of places and events to go to near a user’s current location. Also it contains the current announcements from the facility owners. Its rating system is integrated with Facebook directly.

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Risen crafted Kolomnie with Python/Django, ElasticSearch, Azure, and React framework. The project has high-code quality and was finished with impressive speed. The quality management system for producing Kołomnie included SCRUM and Kanban methods. iOS app Android app

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